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Being charged with sexual assault can have a devastating impact on your life. Sexual assault charges are treated very seriously by Crown prosecutors, and finding yourself tangled in the provincial legal system can be incredibly confusing and overwhelming. And the disruption of the trial process pales in comparison to the potential penalties you face if you are convicted— jail time, fines, probation, or a combination of all three, as well as registration on the provincial and federal sex offender registries.

Legal Considerations in Sexual Assault Cases

Under the law, assault is the intentional application of unwanted force to another person, either directly or indirectly, or a threat to apply such force. Assault becomes sexual assault when the attack is of a sexual nature, such as any unwanted touching, kissing, intercourse, or other method as defined by law.

Sex crimes attorneys understand the gravity of the charges involved in cases such as this, and if you are facing such charges, it is strongly recommended that you consult with a qualified sexual assault lawyer. They have extensive knowledge of the applicable laws and procedures, and they know how to work effectively within the Toronto legal system. They can assess your case and determine the most effective defence given your situation, whether that means challenging a witness’s credibility or seeking to have evidence excluded due to improper police procedures. They can ensure that your most fundamental rights are protected. Your lawyer may even be able to strike a deal with prosecutors to obtain a more favorable outcome in your case.

Choosing a Lawyer To Defend You Against Sexual Assault Charges

There are many sexual assault attorneys in the Toronto area, but they vary in their qualifications. Hiring the wrong one to represent your case may actually make your situation worse. The last thing you want is to end up serving time for no other reason than an ineffective legal defence.

Set up an initial appointment with any lawyer you are considering, and ask them a few tough questions. Get a sense of their education and experience. How long have they been in practice? How long have they been working on sex crimes cases, and better, what is their track record in court? Have they published any articles on the subject (publication suggests that the lawyer is a credible authority on a given topic)? You’ll also want to get a sense of what it will be like to work with this person. How much access will you have to the lawyer? What is the fee structure? What are your responsibilities in the process? Finally, ask yourself whether this person is someone with whom you feel comfortable, someone you will trust to defend you, your rights, and your freedom. You will get to know your lawyer very well in the coming months leading up to trial, and you want to feel confident in your choice.

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