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Homicide is the willful taking of another person’s life. It may be accidental, or it may be done with premeditation; either way, it is punishable with a minimum sentence of life in prison. If you find yourself in the precarious position of being charged with a homicide, then it is vitally important that you seek out the services of a qualified, competent homicide attorney.

Types of Homicide

Homicide is typically broken down in to three categories, first degree, second degree, and manslaughter. First degree homicide is the taking of a life in a way that was premeditated; generally, if the crime involved planning, the charge will usually be first degree. First degree homicide charges are prosecuted to the limit of the law, with the harshest possible sentencing guidelines that courts and judges must observe.

Second degree homicide is the taking of a life but not necessarily with premeditation. An example might be a “heat-of-the-moment” incident, such as a domestic or other altercation. Second degree homicide is still homicide, however, the only difference in how these two crimes are sentenced is that someone convicted of second degree homicide may be eligible for parole sooner.

Manslaughter is the taking of a human life through negligence or carelessness. Car accidents or accidents involving firearms are some common causes of manslaughter charges.

How the Right Lawyer Can Help

Because homicide is one of the most serious charges anyone can face, it is extremely important to secure the services of a top-flight homicide lawyer. Homicide lawyers have years of experience defending clients against serious criminal charges, and they are able to navigate the confusing waters of the Ontario legal system, crafting a solid defence on your behalf and doing their best to ensure that you are treated fairly, that your rights are protected, and that any sentence handed down is fair and just. With the proper preparation, your lawyer may even be able to have the charges reduced or arrange a plea bargain in exchange for a lesser sentence; such an outcome is unlikely, however, if you choose to represent yourself. Having an experienced homicide lawyer in your corner will mean the best possible chance for a successful defence.

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