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Domestic assault is any sort of violent crime that occurs between spouses or significant others. It may also be extended to include assault against children, parents, or other family members. Although it is an intensely personal problem, it is also a serious crime and is treated as such by the Canadian legal system, because the government wants to stop the problem before the violence escalates further.

Domestic assault charges can turn your life upside down. Even the accusation can impact your employment or future educational opportunities, your relationships with family and friends, your reputation in the community, and even your ability to see your children. If you are convicted, these problems will be compounded by any resulting sentence, not to mention the difficulties of having a permanent criminal record.

Any time domestic assault charges are leveled, the accused needs to seek the advice of experienced domestic assault lawyers. You need to hire professional legal counsel to represent you in court, protect your legal rights, and provide your best possible defence to the charges. Whether you are innocent or guilty, a lawyer will be your most important ally during the ordeal ahead. Your lawyer will be able to assess the evidence against you and formulate the best strategies for ensuring that you are acquitted, whether that means challenging witness testimony, fighting to exclude evidence due to improper police procedures, or some other defence approach.

Your lawyer may also be able to negotiate with prosecutors to have the charges against you reduced, or to arrange a plea bargain (in which you can plead guilty in exchange for a lesser sentence or even probation). Your lawyer can help you understand your rights and options in your case, whether with regard to anger management counseling, child custody issues, conditions of bail, and other complications that may arise.

Do not make the mistake of attempting to represent yourself. Even if you have the truth on your side, that is not enough; you need an experienced lawyer on your side.

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