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Child pornography is treated as a very serious offence in Canada. Even the accusation of being involved with child pornography can irreparably damage your reputation, your relationships, and your career. If you have been charged with a child pornography crime, or if you believe you are being investigated on suspicion of such activity, contact an experienced criminal defence attorney as soon as possible.

Child Pornography Laws in Canada

The Criminal Code defines child pornography as any written material of a visual representation that shows a person who is either under the age of 18 or appears to be under the age of 18 involved in an explicit sexual act. This representation may be made by any mechanical or electronic means. It is not required that an actual child be victimized; an image created by electronic means or a story about a fictional child may be considered child pornography. The law also covers photos of the sexual organs of a person under the age of 18. Child porn charges may also be brought in connection with other charges if a person engages in sexual activity with a person under the age of 18.

Penalties For Child Pornography Charges

The law provides for harsh penalties when it comes to the making, distributing, possessing, or accessing of child pornography. Prison sentences range from 2 weeks to 10 years, depending on the charge. Possession or accessing is now subject to 90-day or six-month minimum sentences, while making or distributing offences may carry a minimum sentence of six months in jail, with far more prison time involved in serious cases. Those convicted of child pornography crimes may also have to register with federal and provincial sex offender registries.

Bytensky Prutschi Shikhman Can Help

If you have been charged with any of these offences, it is important that you speak with a child pornography lawyer immediately. You need advice from someone familiar with the law in this area, someone who has experience handling cases like yours; you need someone who can build a defence on your behalf and defend your freedom and reputation in court.

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