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A sexual assault is a sexual act upon or directed to another person without the other person’s consent. The Canadian Criminal Code covers not only rape, but other sexual assaults that fall short of actual rape, and unwelcome sexual advances that offend the recipient and are clearly sexual in nature.

Some jurisdictions use the term “sexual assault” to mean sexual offences that include contact between the offender and the victim, such as the use of compulsion or force, but prohibited sexual acts can even extend to acts of which the victim may not be aware, such as voyeurism (peeping tom offences). Prohibited sexual acts can also include menacing threats of a sexual nature, even where no actual touching occurred.

The Canadian Supreme Court has concluded that sexual assault is an assault committed in circumstances of a sexual nature, such that the sexual integrity of the victim is violated. To determine whether an assault is of a sexual nature, courts will consider whether, in light of all the circumstances, the sexual or carnal context of the assault is visible to a reasonable observer,” whether due to the part of the body touched, the nature of the contact, the situation, the words and gestures accompanying the act, and any other circumstances surrounding the conduct, including threats and the defendant’s intent.

ReeveLaw Barristers: Your Defence Against Sexual Assault Charges

If you have been accused of a sexual assault, then it is imperative that you contact a sex crimes attorney as soon as possible. You need an experienced lawyer who can look at your case objectively, determine a course of action, and provide the best possible defence in court on your behalf. Sexual assault attorneys have experience with cases like yours and can help guide you through the legal maze of criminal proceedings. Finding the right sexual assault lawyer is the first step towards making sure that you receive a fair trial.

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