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A person commits domestic assault when he or she takes threatening or violent actions against a spouse or significant other. Domestic assault may also encompass verbal threats or harassing conduct that cause the victim to believe that his or her safety is in imminent danger. Sometimes, a simple assault case may be handled without a full criminal trial, but matters involving domestic assault and violence are generally pursued very seriously by the authorities. An accused abuser may be removed from his or her home, and his or her movements and activities may be restricted until such time as the charges may be addressed. If convicted, domestic assault charges may carry stiffer fines, penalties, and jail sentences.

Domestic Assault Charges: What To Expect

If you are arrested on a domestic assault charge, you will have your photograph and fingerprints taken. When you appear in court you will be asked whether you are represented by a lawyer. Domestic assault lawyers will have experience with defending cases like yours, and will be able to help you protect your rights and make sure that any judgment rendered is fair and just. Do not make the mistake of believing that having the truth on your side is enough; you need professional legal counsel to make sure that you can present the best possible defence to these serious charges.

On the first or second court date, you will be given a copy of the disclosure against you, which lists the charges that have been brought against you. This information may include:

– Copies of notes written by the arresting officers

– Statements made by the complainant and/or the accused person

– Statements made by any witnesses

– Medical reports if there were injuries involved

– Any pictures, video, or audio recordings regarding the scene or the case

Your lawyer will review this information and use it to help craft an effective defence against the charges. Understanding the evidence in the case may also assist your lawyer in exploring the possibility of a plea bargain in your case; this can save you considerable jail time.

If you are a first-time offender, you may be able to reduce the charges or punishment you face if you are willing to enter into some form of domestic counseling. The Crown may be willing to discuss a number of alternatives to a full criminal trial; they could choose to withdraw the charge, recommend counseling, consider a bail variance, recommend a peace bond, or recommend a conditional discharge. Your best chance for one of these options, however, is generally to seek the advice of an experienced criminal defence attorney; your lawyer can help you understand and weigh the possible outcomes in your case, and can represent you in negotiating with the Crown.

ReeveLaw Barristers: Criminal Defence Lawyers On Your Side

The lawyers of ReeveLaw Barristers have over 60 years of combined experience in criminal law, and have worked hard to establish a solid reputation as formidable opponents in court, as well as effective negotiators when it comes to plea bargains. David Hobson and Dennis Reeve both have served as Crown Attorneys as well as defence lawyers; this unique perspective enables them to protect their clients’ rights and craft the best defence on behalf of each client. They are committed to putting their years of experience to work for you. Their offices are located at 34 Eagle Street, Newmarket, Ontario, L3Y 1J1, or they can be reached by calling (905) 895-6528.