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If you are arrested and taken into police custody, you will likely have a bail hearing within 24 hours of your arrest. At a bail hearing, a judge makes the decision whether or not to release an accused person before the case comes to trial. Defendants have a right to be represented by legal counsel at bail hearings.

Considerations Involved in a Bail Hearing

At your bail hearing, the Crown prosecutor and your lawyer will summarize the evidence that has been collected against you. The judge may also consider other factors, such as the nature of the crime you are charged with, and whether you have a previous criminal record or other criminal charges pending. The judge will have to consider any evidence regarding the need to ensure safety or security of any victims of or witnesses to the crime, as well as the safety of the public. In many cases, the accused will be released on bail unless the judge believes that custody is required to ensure safety or to make sure that the accused actually shows up for his or her court date.

Conditions of Bail

Should the judge decide to release the accused, there will almost always be conditions attached. While he or she is out on bail, the accused may be required to report to authorities regularly and to remain within a given jurisdiction or geographic area. A defendant may be ordered to avoid communication with the victim or other persons involved in the crime, and abide by any other restrictions that the judge may decide to impose.

If the offence involved violence, the use of a weapon, or any form of criminal harassment, then the judge will often prohibit the accused from possessing any sort of weapon, as a condition of bail.

Even if the accused is not released on bail, a judge may still order the accused to avoid contact with certain people; such an order would include letters, phone calls, emails, or texts from or on behalf of the offender.

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An experienced bail attorney can assist you with every aspect of your bail hearing, including posting any required bond and handling all the paperwork. Having a bail attorney in your corner can help you get out of jail and move on with your life while you await your court date.

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