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We’ve all seen it happen in bad sitcoms on television; somebody slips and falls, leaving somebody else to wonder if they are going to get sued. Actually, it isn’t so farfetched. Many people are injured every year, and some quite seriously, as the result of falls on dangerous floors, a flight of stairs, or even a rough patch of ground. If you have been one of these people, explore your legal options; in some cases, the property owner may in fact be liable for your injury.

Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers in London, Ontario

Property Owners’ Responsibilities

It is important for property owners to keep their property in good order. Although there is no way to wholly avoid the risk of someone slipping and falling on your grounds, many slip and fall cases turn on whether or not the property owner acted reasonably and carefully in order to avoid the potential for these problems.

Property owners may be legally culpable for injuries sustained on their property if any or all of the following are true in the matter:

The owner of the property or an employee caused the conditions that were responsible for the injury.

The owner of the property or an employee knew of the dangerous condition, but did nothing about it.

The owner of the property or an employee should have known about the dangerous condition because a “reasonable” person taking care of the area would have noticed it and done something about it.

In other words, it must be established that the property owner did not take the necessary and reasonable steps to keep the area safe. Of the three scenarios described above, the third situation is the most common, but it is often less clear-cut than the other two.

Reasonable Care for Property

How does the law define “reasonable”? They generally look at whether the property owner has made regular and thorough efforts to keep their property safe and clean. Was the situation that caused the injury obvious, and did the owner have time to notice it and do something about it? Does the owner have a regular procedure for inspecting the property and making repairs? If you fell over something on the ground, was there a legitimate reason for it to be there? Could the area have been made safe in order to avoid injury? Would a simple barrier or written warning have been sufficient to warn people about the dangerous area? Did bad lighting contribute to the accident? If the answer to any of these questions is “yes”, then you just may have a slip and fall case on your hands.

In litigation, another question may also be asked: did your own carelessness contribute to the fall? Did you have a legitimate reason for being in the dangerous area? Would a careful person have noticed the spot and taken steps to avoid it? Were there warnings that the location may be hazardous? Were you paying attention to the circumstances around you? You do not have to prove that you were careful, but you may have to demonstrate clearly that you were not careless.

Your Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer

Rein Lomax brings nearly two decades of slip and fall accident legal experience to the table. He is highly regarded by clients, the court system, and the legal community in London and throughout southwestern Ontario. He will make sure you receive the highest-quality professional representation for your case, and is committed to making sure your rights and best interests are protected.

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