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You’ve been in an accident, your injuries are considerable, and you are facing the very real possibility of losing your ability to work or to provide for your family. The consequences of this accident are far-reaching and frightening. You have decisions to make, and you are going to have to make them quickly. You may find yourself in need of legal help, and the time to act is sooner rather than later. But how do you decide that it is time to call in a personal injury law firm?

Legal Representation for All Types of Personal Injuries

If your injury has led to a hospital stay or a medical professional has deemed your injury as serious, then it is time to seek legal counsel.

Even if your injuries are minor, you may need to negotiate with multiple insurers and other parties, and you’ll need legal advice on how to do that. With the right legal representation, you can make sure you have as little to worry about as possible beyond your immediate care and recovery.

Keep in mind that sometimes, the full extent of your injuries may not be clear right away; a medical problem may not be fully understood until weeks or months after the injury. If a minor injury becomes a major problem, or if your injuries are requiring long-term medical help, then you need to seek legal assistance.

Insurance Considerations

Even if some of your medical costs are covered by insurance, you may have to resort to legal means in order to get what you deserve. If you are losing time from work and you aren’t being properly compensated, then you need someone in your corner to protect your interests. In some cases, the party that caused the accident or injury may not have sufficient insurance; a good personal injury lawyer will know how to handle these situations properly and to your benefit. An experienced lawyer can help you navigate the maze of legal considerations involving insurance; your lawyer will represent your interests and fight for you to get the care you need.

Other Legal Considerations in Personal Injury Cases

In some cases, there may be a dispute over who exactly caused the accident. Nobody wants to be the guy at fault, but people should take responsibility for their actions, and a competent personal injury lawyer can make sure that they do.

Keep in mind that you do not have an indefinite period to file a lawsuit in the event of an injury. Limitation periods do run out, and if a deadline has passed, you may not be able to successfully file for damages. By contacting a qualified, personal injury lawyer in the immediate aftermath of your injury, you can preserve your rights.

The Lomax Law Firm: Your Personal Injury Law Firm

Rein Lomax brings nearly two decades of personal injury legal experience to the table. He is well-respected by clients, the court system, and the legal community in London and throughout southwestern Ontario. He will make sure you receive the highest-quality professional representation for your case, and he is committed to making sure your rights and interests are protected.

For your personal injury case, contact the Lomax Law Firm at 100 Fullarton St., London, ON N6A 1K1 Canada, by calling (519) 488-6640.