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A catastrophic injury refers to any injury that leaves a person suffering from permanent disabilities for the rest of their life. Catastrophic injuries have serious and lasting effects on the victim, and without proper compensation, the physical, emotional, and financial strains on victims and their families may be severe.

The Peril of Catastrophic Injury

Catastrophic injury harms more than just the victim; in many of these cases, continual care must be provided by family members who end up seriously adjusting their own lives in order to do so. Rehabilitation and medical bills may become long-lasting or permanent fixtures in the victim’s household.

Catastrophic injuries can include back injuries, neck injuries, brain injuries, burns, damage to vital organs, partial or full paralysis, paraplegia, or quadriplegia. These injuries may affect a person’s ability to earn a living, enjoy a normal routine and activities, and cause their family considerable stress. Injuries involving the brain may change a person’s personality, make it difficult to remember things, or even prevent him or her from recognizing and interacting with loved ones.

Ontario Accident Lawyers on Your Side

A qualified accident lawyer can be an invaluable ally when it comes to securing proper compensation for lost wages, loss of the enjoyment of everyday life, mental stress, pain and suffering, loss of future income, permanent disability, and medical bills.

Accident lawyers are there to protect your rights. They can bring your case to court, assembling the evidence and preparing the arguments needed to secure a satisfactory settlement. Their knowledge of the law and the legal process in your province will allow you to concentrate on your treatment and rehabilitation, knowing that the legal matters are in qualified hands. Their goal is to make sure you receive the outcome and judgment you deserve, deal with any surprises along the way, and help you feel protected during a trying time.

Rein Lomax brings nearly two decades of catastrophic injury legal experience to the table. He is highly regarded by clients, the court system, and the legal community in London and throughout southwestern Ontario. He will make sure you receive the highest quality professional representation for your case, and is committed to making sure your rights and best interests are protected.

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