Kitchener Lawyers

So you need a lawyer, and you’ve looked through all the listings for Kitchener lawyers and Kitchener law firms, and you’re feeling a little overwhelmed. Well, not to worry, there is a lawyer out there that can do the job for you, whatever case you may be facing, whether you are the plaintiff or the defendant, and whether the case is large or small. The real work begins once you have decided on a lawyer.

Preparing Your Case

Have a detailed outline of all information your lawyer needs to have. If it is an accident or criminal event, then provide as detailed of a description as possible. Include dates and times, as well as the names of anyone who was present. These people may become valuable witnesses. Help your Kitchener attorney be able to see everything as it happened.

Be honest with your lawyer. Don’t build yourself up or try to make the other party look bad. Courts work with facts. Your lawyer is already on your side because you paid him to be. Coloring or embellishing the story will only hurt you in the courtroom.

Speak as you normally would. You don’t know legal terms, so don’t try to utilize them. You will only end up looking ridiculous. Avoid swearing and slang, and do not whine or blame. Be as professional as possible in both presentation and speech.

Presenting Your Case

Bring your paperwork and other information as soon as your lawyer asks for it. If he asks for it, it is vital in order for him to proceed effectively. Do not skip out on appointments or cancel at the last minute. Some Kitchener law firms will charge you for missed appointments and meetings.

Become informed about the costs and fees associated with your defense. Know in advance what you will be charged and when you can expect that charge. Kitchener law firms office personnel can usually handle such information.

Stay in touch with your Kitchener attorney as your case progresses, but don’t make a pest out of yourself. A short call or e-mail once a week should suffice. If the office personnel can give you the information you need, do not insist on speaking with the lawyer.

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Once a matter or issue ends up in the courts, it is always serious, and far too important to entrust to just anyone. A law firm who is not properly experienced in your area of need may only serve to make your situation even worse. You can trust to get connected with the perfect Kitchener lawyer for your specific case.