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Divorce happens. The statistics on divorce rates are high, and behind each of those numbers is a family’s unique story; divorce can take a serious toll on the lives of everyone involved. If you are facing the possibility of a divorce or separation, you are not alone and help is available; you don’t have to go through this difficult experience without legal assistance.

A divorce is not just the end of a personal relationship; it’s a complex legal process, and there is a lot of misinformation out there. Many people mistakenly believe that they cannot afford a decent divorce lawyer, but seeking sound legal advice can actually end up saving you money, time, and stress; it can be an investment in your future and your peace of mind.

Every divorce is different. A good family lawyer will listen to your story, take the time to understand your family’s unique challenges, and help you work toward the best possible outcome for your particular situation.

Some divorces are uncontested, and can be handled relatively amicably by negotiating a separation agreement. This is a detailed contract specifying in detail many of the issues that come along with a divorce, such as how the couple is to divide marital property and share financial responsibilities, and whether anyone will receive spousal support. Your lawyer can help you negotiate and draft an agreement that works for you. Your lawyer can also help you work through issues involving children, such as custody issues, child access and visitation questions, and child support. Your lawyer will understand the legal framework underlying all of these issues, and advise you about your rights, your options, and how the law applies in your case. At every step in the process, your lawyer will be able to provide advice and guidance about the separation agreement and any other issues, and work to reach a resolution that is fair and equitable. A good family lawyer will also be familiar with legal procedures in Ontario, and can be instrumental in making sure that the process runs smoothly and encounters no unexpected delays or complications.

If some of these difficult issues cannot be resolved by the parties through negotiation or other forms of alternative dispute resolution, a divorce can be contentious. When you have a qualified family lawyer in your corner, you can be sure that you’ll have a seasoned and experienced ally to protect your rights, strive for a reasonable solution, and represent you in court proceedings if necessary. Your lawyer will be familiar with the litigation process and can formulate a strategy designed to bring about a positive solution, so that you can move on with your life.

Galbraith Family Law: Resolving Family Conflict With Heart

The Barrie law firm of Galbraith Family Law is committed to providing superior legal services for every client. The firm helps clients resolve issues related to separation and divorce, including custody, access, child support, spousal support, equalization and division of property. They are experienced in many types of approaches to family law matters, from collaborative practice to litigation. Brian Galbraith brings more than 20 years of legal experience to his cases, and has earned a reputation in the Ontario legal community as a lawyer of honesty, integrity, and passion—qualities his clients need and appreciate. He understands first-hand the uncertainty and upheaval a divorce can cause, and is committed to providing his clients with sound legal advice during difficult times in their lives. Brian Galbraith’s office is located at 124 Dunlop St. West, Barrie, Ontario L4N 1B1 or he can be reached by calling (705) 999-8957.