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No matter how serious your legal troubles, you can trust your legal defence to the legal team of Moreau & Company. Paul Moreau has over a decade of experience in criminal law; he has prosecuted cases as a successful Crown Prosecutor and served as a sole defence practitioner, and in 2007, opened his own Alberta law firm dedicated to criminal defence. Today, he applies his extensive legal experience to provide his clients with the best possible defences to the charges they face.

The Stakes Are High: Moreau & Company Can Help

If you’ve been accused of a crime, you know that the consequences can be dire, and you want to keep your record clear. It is of utmost importance that you hire the right law firm to handle your case. Trust your future to someone who knows the Canadian legal system inside and out, who has the legal knowledge and courtroom skills to present your case in the best possible light. Whether this is your first brush with the law or you have a prior criminal record, a lawyer’s experience and talent may be all that stands between you and a criminal conviction. Paul Moreau’s team is committed to fighting aggressively to protect your rights and make sure that you are treated fairly.

The defence team at Moreau & Company has worked hard to become one of the most respected and sought-after defence firms in Edmonton, successfully defending people charged with a variety of criminal offences, from impaired driving to assault charges to drug offences to fraud. Moreau & Company can represent you not just at trial, but throughout every phase of your criminal case, from bail hearings and police interrogations to sentencing appeals and probation hearings.

Paul Moreau has the legal know-how to fight for the best possible outcome in your case, but that’s not all. He recognizes how criminal charges can disrupt your life—the damage to your reputation, the impact on your career and your family, the feelings of isolation and confusion. He understands that sometimes, people are in the wrong place at the wrong time, people make mistakes, and people deserve to tell their stories and have a chance at redemption. Moreau & Company treats every client as an individual, and works tirelessly to help each client emerge from the criminal justice system with as little damage as possible to his or her life, record, and reputation.

When you engage Moreau & Company, you can rest assured that you have an ally on your side who is there to look out for you, who has your best interests in mind, who will argue passionately on your behalf and treat you with respect. Moreau & Company is committed to not only exceeding your expectations with their legal services, but also to providing some peace of mind during this trying time.

Moreau & Company

Since 2007, Moreau & Company has been defending clients in criminal cases throughout Alberta. Paul Moreau has extensive experience as a prosecutor as well as a defence lawyer; his skills and insight enable him to anticipate what the Crown will do and craft a solid defence for each of his clients. The team at Moreau & Company is committed to protecting your legal rights and making sure that you are treated fairly and with respect throughout the process. With one phone call, you can enlist the support of a team of professionals with the expertise needed to tackle your case; make that call today. Moreau & Company is located at 300 Energy Square, 10109-106 St, Edmonton, AB T5J 3L7, or he can be reached at (866) 681-3470.