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Most people have little experience with the criminal justice system—until the worst happens. If you suddenly find yourself facing the harrowing experience of being arrested and charged with a crime, you are probably overwhelmed with a lot of questions and no definitive answers. Here, we have attempted to answer some of the more basic questions people often have in the wake of an arrest. This is not intended to be a substitute for legal advice, and you should consult a qualified criminal defence lawyer to discuss your situation as soon as possible.

What happens if I get arrested?

In Canada, you are presumed innocent until the Crown has proven its case beyond a reasonable doubt. You are entitled to consult with legal counsel before making any statement to the police, so your very first phone call should be to an experienced criminal defence lawyer. Criminal attorneys, such as Moreau & Company, are readily available in Alberta, and many offer free initial consultations with no obligation.

Who is bringing this criminal charge against me?

In Canada, the victim of the crime isn’t the one who brings the charge against the accused. Charges are actually filed by the government, which is represented by the Crown Prosecutor. This means that the Crown may decide to pursue a case against you even if the victim doesn’t want to press charges.

What is an arrest warrant?

An arrest warrant is a document that has been issued by the Court that authorizes the police to arrest you.

What happens at a criminal trial?

The Crown’s role is to gather evidence and facts related to the crime, and at trial, the prosecutor must prove the guilt of the accused beyond a reasonable doubt. It is the job of your criminal defence lawyer to challenge the Crown’s case by employing legal arguments and questioning the evidence against you. The judge or jury must be convinced that you are guilty. If reasonable doubt can be established, then you cannot be convicted.

Are all criminal cases handled the same way?

Not really. There are three different types of charges in Canadian criminal law, and they have different procedures. The prosecutor decides which one should be used in your case.

  • Indictable offences are generally serious crimes such as murder or rape, and may involve a trial by judge or jury. The trial is preceded by a preliminary hearing, where the judge decides if there is enough evidence to go to trial.
  • Summary conviction offences are generally less serious offences, such as mischief. They are prosecuted through simplified procedures.
  • Hybrid offences are offences that may be handled as either summary or indictable offences, at the Crown’s discretion.

How much does legal representation cost?

Criminal defence lawyers’ fees will often vary depending upon the type of criminal charge, as well as the amount of time that needs to be spent preparing your case. Moreau & Company offers very competitive rates. When choosing a lawyer, be sure that you understand the fees and costs involved.

How do I prepare to meet with a criminal attorney?

Your lawyer will need as much information as possible about your case in order to craft the strongest possible defence for you. When you meet with your lawyer, you should bring any relevant information or documents that you have, even if it seems insignificant. Keep in mind that your lawyer will not share your information with anyone else.

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Since 2007, Moreau & Company has been defending clients in criminal cases throughout Alberta. Paul Moreau has extensive experience as a prosecutor as well as a defence lawyer; his skills and insight enable him to anticipate what the Crown will do and craft a solid defence for each of his clients. The team at Moreau & Company is committed to protecting your legal rights and making sure that you are treated fairly and with respect throughout the process. With one phone call, you can enlist the support of a team of professionals with the expertise needed to tackle your case; make that call today. Moreau & Company is located at 300 Energy Square, 10109-106 St, Edmonton, AB T5J 3L7, or he can be reached at (866) 681-3470.