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Real Estate Lawyers

Anybody who has ever purchased a home, a business, or a piece of property knows the veritable mountain of paperwork involved. Hours of work go into crafting important documents, handling contingencies and complications, and ensuring that every “t” is crossed and every “I” dotted. It only takes one error to delay or even sink the deal.

What is Real Estate Law?

Real estate law covers a fairly broad area of legal work, with many components overlapping with contract law. Industry terms such as “real estate,” “realty,” and “real property,” which are often used interchangeably, may refer to land but also to structures, trees, bushes, and even minerals on the land. Real estate also comprises the various interests, benefits, and rights that are legally considered attached to the real property, and in some cases may even apply to the air above the land or soil for a certain distance beneath it.

A lawyer with a real estate law practice is well-versed in all of these interrelated issues, including but not limited to the rights and interests associated with real estate and property, sales, purchases, and transfers of real estate and property titles; all legal aspects of rental issues, the rights of tenants, landlords, renters, and homeowners; issues regarding the title to real property; and claims against property or property owners. Additional real estate law issues may include property development, zoning rights, agricultural issues, home loans and foreclosures, and much more.

To say the least, it is a very complex area of law, which is often further complicated by variations and inconsistencies in the law from area to area, province to province. Real estate lawyers have to remain at the top of their game so that they are prepared to guide clients through the labyrinthine process, from seemingly mundane tasks (such as the drafting of property deeds and the filing of liens) to more complicated matters such as handling of zoning and boundary disputes and helping families threatened by foreclosure.

Finding the Right Real Estate Lawyer For You

Many times real estate agents and companies will have established relationships with real estate lawyers who are perfectly capable in this area. This may be acceptable to many people dealing with simple transactions, but if you’re looking for a greater sense of control and communication during the buying or purchasing process, then it is a good idea to secure your own real estate attorney. For more complex issues, it becomes even more important, especially if you are facing foreclosure, possible litigation, or some other undesirable situation. Qualified legal counsel can protect your rights in a court of law and protect your property and your best interests.

At Lawyershop.ca, we are committed to helping you locate and retain a qualified real estate law attorney who can best represent the interests of you or your business. We have selected an exclusive group of real estate law professionals to meet your needs. Simply click the name of the city or province near you to be connected to an experienced, qualified real estate lawyer.