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Litigation Lawyers

Litigation law is commonly known as filing a lawsuit. Lawsuits are legally recognized methods for bringing a dispute or controversy before a court and allowing a judge to make a ruling in favor of either the party bringing the suit (plaintiff) or the party named in the suit (defendant). Lawsuits provide a forum and mechanisms for the parties to hash out a dispute, enforce a right, or correct an injustice. Litigation law may involve disputes between individuals, groups, organizations, businesses, or some combination of types of parties.

The Players in Litigation

In a lawsuit, the various parties (the litigants) before the court might be known as plaintiffs and defendants, petitioners and respondents, or by some other term. An attorney who specializes in litigation is often referred to as a litigator. Litigants may choose to represent themselves, but selection of legal counsel is almost always the preferred choice, since litigation can involve fairly complex procedures that are often unfamiliar to the average person. A trained and experienced litigation lawyer will be better able to represent the litigants in these cases, navigating the maze of procedures, translating the legalese, and presenting a solid case on their client’s behalf before a judge.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

In the past, litigation has been the most common means through which individuals, corporations, and other business entities resolve their legal matters. In recent years, however, alternative dispute resolution (ADR) has rapidly become a preferred option for many individuals and organizations. Unlike litigation, which often relies on a judge and/or a jury to reach conclusions, alternative dispute resolution mechanisms such as arbitration and mediation allow the parties in dispute to talk things through and reach a mutually acceptable agreement without the need for a court’s involvement.

How An Experienced Litigation Attorney Can Help You

If you are in a position where someone has breached a contract with you, failed to pay money owed, or otherwise harmed you, you may need to consider litigation to help resolve the situation. You need competent litigation legal counsel to help you evaluate whether going to court is the right option, and to guide you through the process of litigating your case.

If you find yourself on the receiving end of a lawsuit, you also need legal counsel. You need someone in your corner who will stand up for you, see that your rights are protected, and defending what is rightfully yours.

Whether you have been sued or you are considering suing someone, contact a litigation lawyer immediately to arrange an initial consultation. At this initial meeting, provide the lawyer with as much information on the case as possible; the more he knows and is aware of, the better he will be able to help you evaluate your situation and begin crafting your case or defense.

Of course, the best way to deal with litigation is to avoid it altogether, and an experienced attorney can help you with this too. By consulting with a lawyer before you sign an important contract, enter into a partnership, or make an important financial or business decision, you may be able to protect yourself and prevent legal disputes before they arise.

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