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Employment Lawyers

Perhaps you recently lost your job, and you suspect that your employer made the decision for incorrect or even discriminatory reasons. Perhaps your employer has withheld money that you rightfully earned. Or perhaps you were injured on the job and your employer isn’t taking responsibility. Welcome to the wide world of employment law.

Issues Covered by Employment Law

Employment law covers a variety of issues, including employment discrimination, unemployment compensation, workers’ compensation, workplace safety, fair wages, retirements and pension funds, employee benefits, and many other related topics.

In Canada, both the federal and provincial governments have authority when it comes to employment law issues. Statutes and regulations govern both the employee and the employer and their actions, rights, and responsibilities on many important issues. The federal government has jurisdiction over certain industries, such as banking, radio and television broadcasting, inland and maritime shipping and fishing, as well as any type of transportation that crosses provincial borders.

Law Regarding Labor Unions

Most provinces in Canada follow specific standards and procedures for certifying and recognizing labor unions that are supported by the majority of workers within a defined workplace or industry. Under a concept called the “Rand Formula,” employees in unionized shops may have the option to decline union membership while paying some amount of union dues.

Employment Discrimination Laws in Canada

Employment discrimination law is a subset of employment law, and refers to laws that protect workers against discrimination due to factors such as age, race, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or religion. Federal and provincial statutes define what constitutes discrimination. Employment discrimination claims may result if an employer engaged in discrimination with regard to promotions, transfers, layoffs, compensation and classification of employees, fringe benefits, hiring and firing, retaliation, pay, retirement, disability leave, or other employment actions. Certain forms of harassment are also under the umbrella of employment discrimination laws. If you are an employee who wants to pursue a discrimination lawsuits, or an employer who needs to defend yourself from such a claim, you will benefit from the services of qualified and competent employment lawyer.

Finding the Right Employment Lawyer

At Lawyershop.ca, we are committed to helping you locate and retain a qualified employment law attorney who can best represent the interests of you or your business. We have selected an exclusive group of employment law professionals to meet your needs. Simply click the name of the city or province near you to be connected to an experienced, qualified employment law firm.