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Business Lawyers

Doing business in Canada means staying on the right side of any number of laws, regulations, and other parameters that govern your business. Failure to do so could seriously compromise your company’s fundamental health, and can have grave legal and financial repercussions for your organization. Business law, also known as corporate law, is any law on the books that applies to businesses, corporations, or other business entities.

Law firms specializing in business law are experienced and well-versed in the Canadian legal systems governing businesses, and can help you with issues such as incorporation, liability, bankruptcy, insolvency, and commercial proposals. They may also provide representation in matters of tax law, shareholders’ agreements, publishing contracts, and partnerships.

Legal Advice on Starting and Growing a Business

There are a number of legal elements to consider before even starting a business, such as the type of tax treatment you are looking for, the manner in which you intend to capitalize your business, whether you have plans to issue stock and offer some measure of trading, the makeup of the management structure, and liability on the part of you, the owner. It becomes important to choose representation that can help you make smart decisions about the legal issues involved in your new business.

Legal Advice For Established Businesses

Businesses that have been around for awhile also need the protection of legal counsel. An experienced business attorney can help you evaluate and plan projects and handle recurring challenges. Sound legal advice can also help you minimize the extent to which you, the owner, may be subject to personal liability, which can in some cases jeaopardize a lifetime of work. Personal liability may extend to business losses, damage awards in lawsuits, tax penalties, as well as repayment of back wages and benefits.

Legal Advice for Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations are formed to carry charitable, religious, educational, or scientific work, and they do not pay federal or state income tax on the profits generated from activities designed to carry out their mission. An experienced business lawyer can help your non-profit organization to work properly and effectively to achieve your goals.

Legal Advice for Businesses Exploring Joint Ventures, Partnerships, and Mergers

Many businesses explore the possibility of cooperating with other organizations in various types of business ventures, each with their own unique elements and needs. Joint ventures are short-term propositions between two or more parties, whereas a partnership generally contemplates a long-term relationship. In both cases, each partner has equal ability to bind the entire entity and represent the organization in any business endeavors, as well as being responsible legally for any questionable actions incurred on behalf of the organization.

Among businesses and corporations, corporate mergers are commonplace, and these mergers must comply with government regulations. Agreements must be drafted that are fair to all entities involved, and shareholders must be made aware of pending changes in the organizational structure. The right lawyer can help you navigate these challenges and assure a smooth transition.

You Need the Right Business Lawyer; Lawyershop Can Help

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