Leadership - Paquette Renzini Law Office

Paquette Renzini’s focus on client service has led the firm to make two important decisions that sets them apart in their field.

Their first decision was to create an effective computer network and the second was to take a team approach to client service. The advantage to the client is that all of the team members have access to all of the information in the files all of the time. “We’ve eliminated the need for anyone on our team to say, ‘Where’s the file?’ before they can answer a client question,” explains Paquette. “There is always someone assigned to the file who is in the office, so answers can be provided right away.”

” If somebody is looking for experience and ability to get a matter concluded quickly and with a bit of a dogged approach then they will come to see us. Their matter will be advanced. We are always working on the next step.” Jean Jacques Paquette
Partner, Paquette Renzini Law Office