Customer - Paquette Renzini Law Office

Paquette Renzini is committed to excellent customer service in both French and English.

Under any circumstances, dealing with the law can be very intimidating. The lawyers at Paquette Renzini make it a priority to ease their clients’ concerns by listening carefully and by giving them clear, plain language answers to their questions. They know that the best client-solicitor relationships are built on trust and respect and they work hard to develop trust through positive and supportive communication.

“We have policies and we make every effort to keep our clients entirely aware as to what is going on. That includes, in the beginning, setting up a plan of action for our clients so that they have a timeframe and understand the major steps ahead in their case. Another key component about our relationship with our clients is helping them put the workings of the other side in perspective so that we can allay their concerns.” Jean Jacques Paquette
Partner, Paquette Renzini Law Office

Paquette’s and Renzini’s expertise in other areas of law also serves their clients well. “In Family Law,” says Paquette, “we need to be aware of other laws and how they affect our clients and their families. Those laws include criminal law, taxation law, pension law and corporate law. We are able to verify the accuracy of all the financial documents so that our clients can receive the benefits to which they are entitled.”

The firm is also aware that clients are concerned about costs and are very straightforward in explaining potential fees for family law cases.